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van de Telgthoeve

Krommenhorst 34,
7084CB Breedenbroek (NL)
tel: 0031.617848431
Email: trea.kroeske@hetnet.nl

We speak English



Our new home at September 14, 2023
Krommenhorst 34, 7084 CB Breedenbroek (NL)

For our full litter planning please go to Expected

Dutch Schnauzer Club Champion Show, October 2, 2022
62 of our offspring were here with us to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Schnauzer Club
♥♥Thanks to all Telgthoeve owners who were here with us to have a big party together ♥♥
Video: Maria van Ooijen

Promising Pixel van de Telgthoeve
14 weeks old
Co-owner: Alma Mandigers

Outreaching Odette van de Telgthoeve
6 months old
Living in the USA with Kevin Holmes

A Xstunning male, 3 years old
Xstunning Midas van de Telgthoeve

(owners: Fam. Wiwianka, Duitsland)

A gorgeous pup from 17 weeks old
Intriguing Il Matteo vd Telgthoeve

(owners: fam. Everars, Belgie)

A video that shows how we socialize our puppies

The “Laughing at … vd Telgthoeve” puppies
born on September 15, 2020

All found wonderful new families

The “Maximising vd Telgthoeve” puppies
born on September 25, 2020

All found wonderful new families


Zigzagging Pip and Tempting Guusje van de Telgthoeve
(owners: fam. van Osch)

7 weeks old on January 25, 2020

on Sunday August 12, 2018
Judge: Mr. A. Korozs (HU)

WORLD WINSTER 2017 and 2018

Magnifying Meinou van de Telgthoeve 


Remembering Ravel vd Telgthoeve


Nazarro Kris Kelador

Breeding Group:

What a wonderful weekend.
This pictures says it all.

Those special days ♥
(Mai 2018)

Video from the X litter, June 2017

This is a video that shows how so many families help us socialise our puppies and young dogs.
We are so grateful for all their help. 
14 minutes of fun pictures and video’s from the last few years, have fun 

Our philosophy:

We have a very thoughtful filosophy about breeding our Telgthoeve Riesenschnauzers p&s,

* On nr. 1 is HEALTH and broadening the gene pool.
Necessary in this is that you have several litters in a year, always with new males
with different and free bloodlines to our females. Only one litter per year has no use at all for the breed.
For us this means that we have to buy young males all over Europe
or have some males with us for a short time from cooperative breeders.
These males have to do all the health tests, all kinds of dog shows and we have them
evaluated by Breed specialists. When they are considered excellent we will use them on a few of our females. From this litters we always keep 1 or 2 female puppies for ourselves.
At the age of 6, 12 and 18 months they are having the same testing and showing as their parents.
If they are also excellent we will keep them for further breeding.

* On nr 2 is character and the right type of dog.
We love the old fashioned Giant Schnauzer p&s with the open, happy, funny,
intelligent, family-minded and stable character.
The Giant who will guard you at all times and who will be your best friend.
But also a very well balanced dog who has no nervousness! A self-assured dog!!
This character is also taken into consideration when we think about
which male to use on which female.
Telgthoeve Giant Schnauzers are real family dogs.

* And on nr 3: we also like to breed a beautiful, athletic dog who is a credit to the breed
When you look at Brian in the picture and you see the wonderful stretched front and hind leg….
We just enjoy it, this is the way athletic dogs should move.

And when you look at his two children in Pair Class:
Do you see the hind leg from Magnifying Meinou and the stretching front legs from both?
That is what we like to see.
This is why we spent all this time, energy and money!


Born on January 12, 2006
Peacefully died on November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018 we had to let go our Falkoen: the beautiful, amazing, vigilant, sweet macho,
the unconquerable and being deep in our heart, the unsurpassed Telgthoeve Patriarch.
He has not been seriously ill in his whole life of almost 13 years.
And was always happy and loved by anyone who saw him♥

“van de Telgthoeve” !!!!!

In the last 4 weeks he grew rapidly older and a bit weaker. The last few days he didn’t want to eat much
and on the last day he also didn’t want to drink anymore.
So we had to make the decision to help him over the Rainbow Bridge.
He let us know in a perfect way that it was time for him to leave us in this life ♥
He was put to sleep at our home in a peaceful and loving way.
And all our Telgthoeve dogs were there to say goodbye to him.

We are thankful for all he has given us to improve the Riesenschnauzer p&s,
and for all his children, grand- and great-grandchildren.
He will live forever through them ♥

Europa Jugend Sieger 2007
Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen

Europa Sieger 2008, 2009 en 2011
Belgian Winner 2008 en 2009
Bundes Sieger 2008
ISPU Klub Sieger 2009 en 2010
Nederlands Club Winnaar 2011 en 2014

Amsterdam Winner 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 en 2014

Nederlands Kampioen
Duits Kampioen
Belgisch Kampioen
Luxemburgs Kampioen
Internationaal Kampioen

Nederlands Veteranen Kampioen
Duits Veteranen Kampioen
Europa Veteranen Sieger 2014
Benelux Veteranen Winner 2014
Bundes Veteranen Sieger 2014
Amsterdam Veteranen Winner 2014

Falkoen is Father, Grandfather and Great-grandfather
of many wonderful, friendly, happy and healthy Riesenschnauzers p&s

Foto May 2018 by Alma Mandigers

As of today we are officially called “certified breeder”

We made a Video from a litter so we can show you how
Telgthoeve puppies
grow and socialise in their first 8 weeks


We call ourselves “passionated and careful” breeders
for the Giant Schnauzer p+s.
Would you like to see what kind of breeders we are?

Pictures from all our dogs, our litters and the come-back-day for 6 months old puppies
at their own pages.

A wonderfull video from the Charming puppies at 5 1/2 weeks ,
video’s from 6-months Telgthoeve-puppie-comebackday and from the Telgthoeve Walks
are on the Video page

If you are interested in a Telgthoeve Giant Schnauzer p+s
please mail or call us at 0031.617848431
so we can invite you for a visit.
(And of course we speak English)

Trea and a part of the Telgthoeve Giant Schnauzer p+s pack

May 2018


September 2011
Falkoen, Trea, Visard, Blazing Bracha, Zaïra, Femke and……. Charming Csilla.


For what reasons would you choose not just a Giant p/s but a Telgthoeve Giant Schnauzer pepper and salt?

Because they are extremely energetic and sportive, with an excellent muscular body. When they are mature they love to go on cycle rides with their owner also jogging, long walks and horse riding are among their favorite activities. Also they have a very stable and an impressive and loving character which can be seen in their intelligence, cheerfulness and affection. Sometimes they can become just a little stubborn. They are continuously seeking action to achieve their goals in obedience and also as a guard dog or even a hunter/tracker.

The males are mostly a bit dominant with a tough and fearless personality whereas the females are very friendly and feminine. Together they have a cheerful, lively and easy going character which is much appreciated. But most of all, a Telgthoeve Giant Schnauzer will always be there for you just as they have always been;
an “old fashioned farm dog” who will at al times protect you and your family.

Giggling Boy vd Telgthoeve
Jubileeing Tygo vd Telgthoeve

Great guardian, brave, powerful, energetic, fearless, protective to his owner/family
and don’t forget: they have lots of humor!