About us

It all started on April 15, 1955 when Jaap and Jeanet Wildeman started breeding with Schnauzers. In all these years many (multi)Champions where seen on Dutch and European Shows. In 1988 they learned to know Trea Kroeske, first because of her knowledge of petfood,Behaviour in dogs, phyto-therapy and homeopathy in dogs. And later because Trea also started to show her own dogs: Golden Retrievers and Rottweilers. From 1992 she succesfully showed her two male Tibetan Mastiffs several years on Dutch and European shows. When they where getting older Trea wanted the next dog
to be a Giant Riesenschnauzer. And of course a male dog and the color must be p+s!!!
In the meantime Jaap and Jeanet Wildeman offered “van de Telgthoeve” to her, so their kennelname would continue.
Trea accepted this gift in 2007 with great pride.


Our philosophy:

We have a very thoughtful filosophy about breeding our Telgthoeve Riesenschnauzers p&s,

* On nr. 1 is HEALTH and broadening the gene pool.
Necessary in this is that you have several litters in a year, always with new males
with different and free bloodlines to our females. Only one litter per year has no use at all for the breed.
For us this means that we have to buy young males all over Europe
or have some males to be with us for a short time from cooperative breeders.
These males have to do all the health tests, all kinds of dog shows and we have them
evaluated by Breed specialists. When they are considered excellent we will use them on a few of our females.
From these litters we always keep 1 or 2 female puppies for ourselves.
At the age of 6, 12 and 18 months they are having the same testing and showing as their parents.
If they are also excellent we will keep them for further breeding.

* On nr 2 is character and the right type of dog.
We love the old fashioned Giant Schnauzer p&s with the open, happy, funny,
intelligent, family-minded and stable character.
The Giant who will guard you at all times and who will be your best friend.
But also a very well balanced dog who has no nervousness! A self-assured dog!!
This character is also taken into consideration when we think about
which male to use on which female.
Telgthoeve Giant Schnauzers are real family dogs.

* And on nr 3: we also like to breed a beautiful, athletic dog who is a credit to the breed
When you look at Brian in the picture and you see the wonderful stretched front and hind leg….
We just enjoy it, this is the way athletic dogs should move.

And when you look at his two children in Pair Class:
Do you see the hind leg from Magnifying Meinou and the stretching front legs from both?
That is what we like to see.
This is why we spent all this time, energy and money!


The patriarch:
Falkoen di Felinissima

Multi Champion (Ned.- Duits-, Belgisch, Lux, en Int.-Ch.) en Ned. Club Winner ’11,
Bundes Sieger, Europa Sieger, Amsterdam Winner ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11’14
Benelux Champion ’14 , Ned. Club Winner ’14
Benelux Veteran Champion ’14, Europa Veteranen Sieger ’14
Nederlands Veteranen Kampioen, Duits Veteranen Kampioen
Herbst Veteranen Sieger ’14, Bundes Veteranen Sieger ’14
Amsterdam Veteranen Winner ’14
Jahres Veteranensieger PSK 2016

The Matriarchs:
“Silver Senator Oprah’s Femke

Ned. Jeugdkampioen
en Nederlands Kampioen

“Silver Senator Victorious Zaïra

Ned. en Duits Jeugkampioen
Ned.-, Duits en Int. Kampioen en
Amsterdam Winster 2011

Silver Senator Visard

Ned, Duits en Int. Kampioen
Bundes Siegerin ’10 ,
Amsterdam Winster ’10
Belgisch Beste Riesenschnauzer p+z
Reserve Best in Show 2010 bij de BRSC.

and then it all began:

Femke x Falkoen
The Amazing litter,
born on July 8, 2010

Zaïra x Falkoen
The Blazing litter,
born on Dec 2, 2010

We kept
Blazing Bracha

Visard x Falkoen
The Charming litter,
born on June 22, 2011

We kept
Charming Csilla

Zaïra x Falkoen

The Dazzling litter
born on Dec.31, 2011

Femke x Blazing Bjørn
The Exciting litter
born on June 25, 2012

We kept
Exciting Esmée

Visard x Falkoen
The Frizzling litter
born on Aug.16, 2012

Blazing Bracha x Silver Senator Badrock
The Giggling litter
born on May 24, 2013


Femke x Blazing Bjørn
The Honoring litter
born on Sept.14, 2013

We kept
Honoring Harmke

Zaïra x Falkoen
The Inspiring litter
born on Sept.16, 2013

We kept
Inspiring Ivane

Charming Csilla x Silver Senator Badrock
The Jubileeing litter
born on Nov.30, 2013

We kept
Jubileeing Julih

Blazing Bracha x Silver Senator Badrock
The Keeping-it litter
born on March 21, 2014

Exciting Esmée x Armani z Grodu Ksiazat Pomorskich
The Luminating litter
born on June 16, 2014

Femke x Brian Ve-Fi
The Magnifying litter
born on Aug. 28, 2014

We kept
Magnifying Meinou

Charming Csilla X Brian Ve-Fi
Het No-Kidding nest
born on April 2, 2015

Femke X Blazing Bjørn vd Telgthoeve
Het Overwhelming nest
born on August 29, 2015

We kept
Overwhelming Oprah

Exciting Esmée X Brian Ve-Fi
Het Passionating nest
born on September 15, 2015

We kept
Passionating Puszi

Jubileeing Julih X Brian Ve-Fi
Het Quoting nest
born on October 5, 2015


Blazing Bracha X Gloris Gorgeous Grey
Het Remembering nest
born on November 27, 2015

We kept
Remembering Ravel

Honoring Harmke X Gloris Gorgeous Grey
Het Spotting nest
born on December 22, 2015

Inspiring Ivane X Brian Ve-Fi

Het Tempting nest
born on Jun 12, 2016

Jubileeing Julih X Brian Ve/Fi
Het Unifying nest
born on December 8, 2016

We kept
Unifying Uma

Magnifying Meinou X Czeslaw z Grodu Ksiazat Pomorskich
Het Vitalising nest
born on February 23, 2017

We kept
Vitaising Vashti and
Vitalising Vaya

Blazing Bracha X Brian Ve-Fi
Het Wondering nest
born on March 17, 2017

Honoring Harmke X Czeslaw z Grodu Ksiazat Pomorskich

Het Xstunning nest
born on April 16, 2017

Exciting Esmée X Czeslaw z Grodu Ksiazat Pomorskich


Het Yoining nest
born on October 24, 2017


jubileeing Julih X Brian Ve-Fi

Het Zigzagging nest
born on February 6,2018

We kept
Zigzagging Ziezo


Overwhelming Oprah X Brian Ve-Fi

The Astonishing litter
born on April 13, 2018

Honoring Harmke X Brian Ve-Fi



The Bedazzling litter
born on Jjuly 4, 2018

Passionating Puszi x Kris


Het Cherishing nest
geboren op 4 december 2018

Exciting Esmée X Brian

Het Desiring nest
geboren op 7 december 2018

Hieruit hebben wij
Desiring Dolce


Vitalising Vashti X Remembering Ravel

Het Evolving nest
geboren op 17 april 2019

Hieruit hebben wij
Evolving Ezra
(co-owner Alma Mandigers)

Magnifying Meinou X Remembering Ravel
Het Fascinating nest
geboren op 26 juni 2019

Hieruit hebben wij
Fascinating Flicka

Overwhemlming Oprah X Kris


Het Glorifying nest
geboren op 3 juli 2019

Unifying Uma X Kris


Het Harmonising nest
geboren op 3 september 2019

Zigzagging Ziezo X Kris
Het Intriguing nest
geboren op 8 december 2019

Hieruit is
Intriguing Il Camino aangehouden
(eig: Ellis van Hezel – Wildeman)
De cirkel is rond ♥

Honoring Harmke X Brian Ve-Fi

Het Just Joking nest

geboren op 7 mei 2020

Vitalising Vaya X Remembering Ravel
Het Kissing nest

geboren op 15 juli 2020

Magnifying Meinou X Remembering Ravel
Het Laughing at nest

geboren op 15 sept 2020

hieruit hebben wij
Laughing at Lizzy

Overwhemlming Oprah X Kris
Het Maximising nest

geboren op 25 sept 2020

hieruit hebben wij
Maximising Mini Mell

Vitalising Vashti X Remembering Ravel
Het Nourishng nest

geboren op 25 nov 2020

Zigzagging Ziezo X Remembering Ravel
Het Outreaching nest
geboren op 22 dec 2020

Hieruit hebben wij
Outreaching Onyx aangehouden

Desiring Dolce X Silver Senator Won Joo

Het Promising nest
geboren op 15 maart 2021

Hieruit hebben wij
Promising Pixel

Unifying Uma X Gloris Ruskiy Vytiaz
Het Qualifying nest
geboren 22 april 2021

Hieruit hebben wij Qualifying Quby




We think we have a very balanced pack and we are very proud of our wonderful dogs!!

May 2018

September 2011
: Falkoen, Trea, Visard, Blazing Bracha, Zaïra, Femke and her the still little Charming Csilla



We did a workshop, together with 9 year old Sophie Deen on her school about
the birth, growing up in the first 8 weeks and socialising in this period.
We took the puppies from the Keeping it litter, Julih (5 months) Harmke (8 months) and Gilah (1 year)