Show 2022

CAC = kampioenschappunt van het betreffende land / Championpoint for that country
CACIB = Internationaal kampioenschappunt / International Championpoint
BOB = Best of Breed / Rassen Beste / Beste van het Ras

U = Uitmuntend / Vorzüglich / Excellent
ZG = Zeer Goed / Sehr Gut / Very Good

Friesland Cup, Leeuwarden (Mrs. van Stuivenberg-Bulters), 25 nov ’22

Brad Pitt von den Grauen Wächtern

Intermediate class, 1Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Promising Pixel van de Telgthoeve

Intermediate class, 1Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Revealing Rania van de Telgthoeve 

Youth class, 1Exc, Youth CAC and Res. CAC

Welcoming Wusha van de Telgthoeve 

Puppy class, 1 Very promising 

Dutch Schnauzer Club Champion Show, October 2, 2022 (Judge: Mrs. Ilona Onstenk -Schenk (NL)

62 of our offspring were here with us to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Schnauzer Club
♥♥Thanks to all Telgthoeve owners who were here with us to have a big party together ♥♥
Video: Maria van Ooijen
Photography: Rick Smout

Brad Pitt von den Grauen Wächtern

Youth class: 1U, jCAC 🇳🇱Youth Club Champion ’22

Welcoming Wusha v.d. Telgthoeve

Minor puppy: 1VB, Best minor puppy

Treasuring Truffel v.d. Telgthoeve

Youth class: 2U

Promising Pixel v.d. Telgthoeve

Intermediate class: 1U

Overwhelming Oprah v.d. Telgthoeve

Working class: 1U, 🇳🇱Working Dog Club Champion ‘22

Magnifying Meinou v.d. Telgthoeve

Veteran class: 1U, 🇳🇱Veteran Club Champion ’22

Remembering Ravel v.d. Telgthoeve

Breederclass: 1U, rCAC

Revealing Rania v.d. Telgthoeve

Youth class: 1U, jCAC, 🇳🇱Youth Club Champion ’22

Staggering Shallan v.d. Telgthoeve

Youth class: 3ZG

Qualifying Quby v.d. Telgthoeve

Breeder class: 1U

Zigzagging Ziezo v.d. Telgthoeve

Champion class: 1U, CAC, 🇳🇱Club Champion ’22

Honoring Harmke v.d. Telgthoeve

Veteran class: 2U

2BIS Couple: Brother and sister, Promising Pyr and Pixel v.d. Telgthoeve

Judge: Mrs. T. Pillement-Heijde (NL)


Int. Dogshow Maastricht, 17 september (Judge: Ms. Alic) 
Blegny Belgian Schnauzer specialty, 18 september (Judges: Ms. Wilmsen and Mr. Furlani)
Welcoming Wusha vd Telgthoeve (4 months old)
Saturday: BOB Minor puppy AND 3th BIS minor puppy
Sunday: BOB minor puppy AND 2th BIS minor puppy
What a debute!
Staggering Shallan vd Telgthoeve (10 months)
Saturday: 1Exc, BOB youth, JCAC/rCAC
Sunday: 1Exc, jCAC
Promising Pixel vd Telgthoeve (18 months)
Saturday: 1Exc, BOB, CAC/CACIB
Sunday: 1U and again BOB! CAC and 🇧🇪CLUB CHAMPION ’22
Zigzagging Ziezo vd Telgthoeve (4y, champion class)
Sunday: 1Exc, rCAC
Sunday we entered Ziezo, Pixel and Shallan for breeder group and wow they went 3th BIS breeder group!
What a perfect weekend! Beyond proud of the Telgthoeve girls💝
103rd Int. Dogshow Luxembourg, 3 september 2022
Promising Pixel vd Telgthoeve
1Exc, Best youth, Best bitch AND Best of Breed!!!
With this great result she is now 
🇱🇺Luxembourg Youth Champion 🇱🇺
And most of all… She did one hell of a job. So proud!
Judge: W. Ruth
47e Pinkstershow Gorinchem, June 6, 2022
Judge: Perdita Burnside (IE)
🥳🇳🇱She needed only three shows… We can present our brand new Dutch youth champion: Promising Pixel v.d. Telgthoeve!🇳🇱🥳
Youth Class females: Promising Pixel vd Telgthoeve (PHOTO)
1 EXC, Youth CAC, CAC and BOB
Open Class females: Fascinating Flicka van de Telgthoeve
1 EXC, res. CAC and CACIB
We’re extremly proud of both girls this weekend!
HOLLAND CUP, Gorinchem June 4, 2022
Judge: Alessandro Zeppi (IT)
Youth Class females: Promising Pixel vd Telgthoeve
1 EXC, Youth CAC and Res CAC
Open Class females: Fascinating Flicka van de Telgthoeve
Handling: Alma Mandigers


Hond van het jaar show, april 2, 2022
Evolving Ezra vd Telgthoeve was invited for the presentation at the
“Dog of the Year 2020/2021 Show”
A specialty organised by our Kennel Club Raad van Beheer.
You cannot subscribe, you have to be or a Club Winner or nr 1,2 or 3 in Group on a show in that year.
♥ Ezra was BOB / Clubwinner 2021 at the Dutch Schnauzer Club ♥

☺☺You did great Alma and of course had a lot of fun ☺☺

IDS Rijnland March 26, 2022
Judge: mr. G. Jipping
Glorifying Gioia van de Telgthoeve (aka Bondi)
Open Class: 1 Exc, CAC, CACIB and official DUTCH CHAMPION
Proud owner: Fam. Bon